I am 1000% on board with the new Nordstrom small store concept

So Nordstrom announced on September 11th that they are rolling out a new concept store and in short…I am completely on board with them and here’s why

#1 reason why I love this idea is that these stores will carry limited to no inventory except for sample sizes to try on.  Anyone who knows retail knows managing inventory is a no-win situation, if you have too much you’re fucked, if you have too little, you’re even more fucked. If you have just the right levels..congratulations pal you did your job what do you want a sticker? For customers who do buy in store, they can either have the products shipped to them or (and this is true innovation guys) Nordstrom will pull from other stores in the mall. This is essentially brick and mortar drop shipping which as we know from online experience has completely changed the way eRetail works.

Second, Buy Online and Pickup In  Store is a must have concept at this point, but before I get into that. If you’re one of those people who calls this BOPIS, just leave right now. Go ahead and say that acronym out loud “bow-piss” ugh, just stop. This offering is particularly great for the cross/up sell opportunities it provides. Come in to pick up your Cole Haan shoes, leave with $500 worth of new cuff links.

Lastly, and this is a twofer, personal stylists and booze. Either one of those on their own is a solid tactic, but both together is check mate, game over. Give me alcohol, add a hot girl telling me I look good in a shirt and I’m buying 50 them. Not sure if they’ll mention it on their next earnings call, but when profits are up 200% you’ll know why.

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