Amazon’s Alexa Glasses Sound Pretty Sweet (Warning: click bait)

Financial Times reported that Amazon could be developing a pair of glasses that are integrated with Alexa. YES YES YES, sign me up.

These are going to be so cool! Amazon will probbly use their iphone app technology to let you just look at anything and buy it on the spot. “Hey nice watch, let me stare at it for a minute”… poof I’ll have one in time for my 3 o’clock conference call OR maybe I’ll be able to just say something like “most believable diseases to get me out of work” and the whole list will show up on my lens.

Too bad, you won’t be able to do any of that, but how excited were you after reading those examples? Just wanted to make sure you had a chance to feel the same disappointment I felt.

Apparently, these “smart” glasses will just allow you to speak to Alexa and let you hear

Image result for sunglasses headphones

… Translation they are regular glasses, but with headphones attached. I got lasik, I’m not a hipster and I don’t work with flying objects so why would I voluntarily wear glasses that don’t do anything?



And lastly, with radio stations figuring out they can get Alexa to turn on their radio station by saying it over the air I can already see some pretty annoying consequences. I wonder how many times I’ll have Jam’n 94.5 start blaring into my ears via my Amazon Glasses before they turn into Amazon Smashes….zing?

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