Sooo Taco Bell And Forever21 Are Coming Out With A New Clothing Line? A Look At the Pros And Cons

Taco Bell and Forever 21 Announced the other day that they would be collaborating on a clothing line that is hitting Forever 21 shelves on October 21.

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I really hate this idea, and not for the reasons you would think. I hate it because it’s actually going to work. That means pretty soon I’m going to be forced to see Generation Z hipsters walking around with things like Cheesy Gordita Crunch on them, just the site of which might make me have to sprint to a bathroom. I feel like the goal with fashion these days is to just put the most outlandish designs possible on clothes and people will eat it up (put intended). (Side Note/Shameless Plug: Keep an eye out for our new line of apparel)

The Taco Bell press release reads: “Beginning today, fans of both brands can submit photo or video content on social using the hashtag #F21xTacoBell to be featured in design details alongside the models debuting the collection. By capturing content that personifies “Forever Taco Bell,” the essence of the preview event, fans can actively take part in the ultimate fashion after-party.” 

Ok. I’m game let’s give this a shot…what do I think the essence of Taco Bell is:

  • Crippling stomach pain
  • Regret
  • Long stints on the shitter (make sure to check out our other articles if this is you)
  • Outlandish new menu items seemingly every day
  • The need for extra toilet paper
  • Lots of extra toilet paper
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I see a trend forming. Here’s a shirt idea for Taco Bell, it has a built-in 15 minute count down timer. You hit it once you take your first bite of a Burrito Supreme (or really anything) and just pray that you’re on a toilet before it hits zero. Circling back to my initial comment though, I see this working out well for Taco Bell and potentially paving the way for future cross industry collaborations. I see fashion retailers more and more needing to form seemingly outlandish partnerships like this in order to differentiate themselves.

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