Spirit Halloween Pop Ups Feasting On the Corpses of Other Retailers

Warning: This post includes awful Halloween jokes

It’s October 5th, which means that Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get to get your costume ready….HAHAHAHA jk you’re probably like me and 99% of the population and will find yourself in one of Spirit Halloween’s pop up stores on the 31st searching through picked over piles of miss matched costumes as a last ditch effort to not be the only person not in costume at a party.

Honestly though, I always kinda thought these stores were a joke, I mean how can you be a real business and only open 2 months out of the year? However, given the 2017 retail landscape, I’ve changed my opinion of them from mad scientist to genius. According to this article by CNBC, they are opening “roughly 50 to 100 shops throughout the U.S. and Canada per year”. Find me another retailer who is opening stores period, let alone 50-100 a year, and I’ll give you a piece of candy.

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The beauty of Halloween Spirit’s model is that they thrive on the corpses of other brick  and mortar retailers. Every time a mall shop “dies”, it opens up a new opportunity for a “zombie” aka Halloween Spirit to pop up. And considering there isn’t a rush of new businesses fighting to get into malls these days, Halloween Spirit can command favorable lease rates on short term agreements.

This type of business model could actually be a glimpse at what the “new” mall may look like. New stores every 1-2 months with lots of options for shoppers and limited lease/inventory exposure for retailers. If you combine this with the new Nordstrom Concept of drop shipping from other locations, then I think you may just have something.

Brick and Mortar Retail Problem = Solved!

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