Constellation Brands Gives Us More Ways To Get Drunk

For those of you who don’t know, Constellation Brands is an international beverage company that owns a number of alcohol brands including major names like Ballast Point, Modelo, Pacifico and Corona.

Well, apparently they think Corona / Corona Light isn’t enough for us. This week they announced that 2 new Corona spin-offs will be hitting the market. Corona Premier and Corona Familiar. Big Beverage conglomerates are getting eaten alive by smaller craft brews and their response is to try and convince people that the lawnmower beer they have been drinking since high school is now suddenly craft. According to the Constellation CEO Robert Sands (a bastard from Dorne? some Game of Thrones humor for ya), Corona Premier is for the “mature, sophisticated consumer looking to trade up from a light beer”. I may just be speaking for myself here, but isn’t this a bit of an oxymoron? Mexican beer is supposed to be light and casual “beach beer”, not “sophisticated”. Robert, just stop. Listen, we love your beer in the summer, I wouldn’t have anything other than a Corona in my hand on the beach. You need to realize what you are and own it, don’t go chasing waterfalls.

My Business Take, remember when Bud Light tried this with Bud Premium and their Dark Crown options? Pretty sure both of those brands tanked. This is going to be similar to my attempts to get in shape. We’ll see a big push (in ads) for a bit, then when there aren’t any results, Constellation will just give up.

Bildergebnis für find your beach

Some other interesting tidbits from this article.

“Constellation also launched a limited-edition can packaging, which the CEO said helped grow Corona’s can format more than 20 percent.” I mean, I love a cool custom Patriots Bud Light can as much as the next guy, but 20% growth from a can design?!?! How gullible are we people?

Constellation Brands has beat Wall Street expectations for the NINTH straight quarter and summer sales were up 13% from last year. People.Love.Drinking.

Ok, all this talk is actually kinda making me want a Corona so….end of article.

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