No More Signatures For Stuff I Buy? Sign Me Up

Mastercard announced earlier this week that they would no longer require signatures for purchases you make using their cards.

I love this idea because signing things sucks, and here’s 3 why.

#1  No one writes in cursive anymore. To be fair, I think I stopped the year after I learned it (3rd grade?), but still, no else uses it either except for parents, doctors, and people who electronically sign PDF docs.

#2 It’s maybe the least secure method of authentication ever created. Unless you’re an expert in graphoanalysis (obviously I had to google that term) no one is checking the signature on the back of your card and matching up the fucking nuanced curve in the S on your card with the one on your receipt.

#3 My signature SUCKSSSSS. Unless your a famous person who constantly gets asked for autographs, your signature is probably similar to mine. And by that I mean the only thing that’s consistent from one of my signatures to the next is that they both look like whoever wrote them was blindfolded and having a seizure at the time.

One small step for receipts, one giant step for me not having to sign them.

One last side note. A while ago I wrote “Check ID” on the back of all my credit cards. Thought I was being safe cause they would have to actually check my ID, protecting me from the 3 reasons above. Smart right? HA! What actually happened though. Half the cashiers never checked. The other half were ass holes who made me pull ANOTHER card (my ID) out of my wallet and show them before ringing me up. It was the worst!


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