Are Millennials Killing Brand Whores?

I remember when it was all the rage to have name brand everything. Ralph Lauren polos, Fiji Water, Axe this, and Coach that. I was even part of it with a sweet Von Dutch hat (cringe).

But I fear we may be seeing the beginning of a Brand Whore extinction?

Amazon has been increasing its assortment of Amazon Basics products, announced last month that they would be coming out with a line of private label products called Uniquely J and hell who has taken private label to the extreme is crushing it online.

On one hand, I love this because it eliminates the “Brand Tax” as Brandless calls it. AKA the premium you pay for a branded product which large CPGs like P&G and Unilever need in order to cover massive marketing budgets.

On the other hand, I don’t want my retailers getting too “brand’y” with me.

Here’s one of Jet’s Uniquely J products, “Badass Espresso” which is supposed to be targeted at Millennials by having “edgy and bold designs” as well as “high-quality” ingredients. First off, wtf is going on with this box? Is this something for Halloween? No? Then the Ed Hardy style died a while ago (burn).


Also, I guess since I’m not a Millennial that means you can just go ahead and serve me coffee with shitty ingredients, no sweat, I’ll still buy it. My jokes about branding aside, this is an interesting time to be in CPG or Retail as most of the old rules of what sells and what doesn’t are going out the window.

Quick Recap

Fashion will likely be the last to go, but it’s a dangerous time for CPG companies out there trying to leverage their brand to attract more consumers. Paying more for stuff like toothpaste or shampoo that no one but me sees = bad. Paying more for brand name clothes* that other people will see = good

* There’s nothing I hate more than when I’m buying expensive clothes (aka all my clothes) and they don’t have a visible logo. Literally, the only reason I’m buying this shirt is so other people can see the logo and know that I spent a lot of money on it.


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