American’s Are Going To Spend $9.1 BILLION on Halloween This Year

I feel like Halloween is a love/hate holiday with phases as you grow older.

When you’re a kid it’s the greatest. Nearly unlimited amounts of candy, dressing up and staying out late…Then you get into that kind of no mans land where you’re too old to go trick or treating and too young to go to Halloween parties where you can drink and see girls dressed in skimpy costumes…During college and in the 5 or so years after it’s great because of previously mentioned parties and costumes…but then you get to this phase in your 30s when you don’t feel like dressing up anymore and would rather just stay in and binge watch Stranger Things.

I’m solidly in the Stranger Things phase of my life and unsurprisingly stuff like this report from the National Retail Federation are where I get my entertainment these days. sigh….

So lucky for you, I’m gonna be handing out data like it was candy.

National Retail Federation 2018 Halloween Survey
  •  OK here is some econ 101 for you. Simple supply and demand. 70% of the population plans on handing out candy while 30% plan on going trick or treating. It’s a buyers market out there so don’t come at little Timmy from down the street with sample sized candies or heaven forbid toothbrushes. King sized chocolate bars or be prepared to spend the next day picking toilet paper out of your shrubbery.
  • 22% plan to visit a haunted house! As a huge haunted house guy I’m appalled at this figure. This is the type of stuff that softens up younger generations these days.
  • 16% dress up their pets. Another figure that should be higher. Put a dog in a cute costume and everyone is happy.

The report has some other interesting findings as well.

24% of men will wait until 2 weeks before Halloween to begin shopping. Look as us men planning ahead, 2 weeks in advance might as well be 2 years. I’m fairly certain that on average my costumes come together either the day before Halloween or as I’m scrambling to get ready for a party. 37% of people will buy their costumes at a Halloween store, up from 32% two years ago. I’m telling you, pop up stores are the future. You heard it here first.

Lastly here’s the top 5 pet costumes.

  1. Pumpkin – If you said this was the #1 baby costume I’d say “ok” but #1 for dogs is preposterous.
  2. Hot Dog – A perennial powerhouse costume for dogs. It’s not original, but it works.
  3. Dog/Lion/Pirate (all tied) – How do you dress your dog up as a dog? Like are we dressing a lab up as a dalmatian? Explain.

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